Wiener Börse / Vienna Stock Exchange

The Vienna Stock Exchange was founded by Maria Theresa in 1771 as one of the first securities exchanges in the world and today operates the stock exchanges in Vienna and Prague. It serves as a trading center for shares, bonds, certificates, ETFs as well as warrants. In 2021, Austria celebrated a major financial market anniversary and looks back on an eventful 250 years. Rich in history and connected with a long tradition.

Wiener Börsensäle / Vienna Stock Exchange Hall

Parallel to the redesign of the Vienna Ringstrasse in place of the old city walls, the new construction of the Vienna Stock Exchange was also carried out by the father of historicism, Theophil Freiherr von Hansen in the years 1870-1877 in the typical Viennese style, a classically austere Renaissance style. Hansen was a specialist in perfect acoustics. His much-admired acoustics are often imitated in concert buildings even today.

How to get there

From reducing energy consumption to saving time when getting around: The Viennese public transport system conveys many benefits. If possible, please use environmentally compatible public means of transportation to travel to the event location.

Vienna Stock Exchange Halls can easily be reached by means of public transport.

Subway: U1, U3, U4.

Tramway: The tramway stop “Börse” is serviced by the Viennese tramsay lines 1, 71, and D.

BUS: The bus stop “Börse” is serviced by the Viennese bus lines 13A, 40A, 48A, 59A, N25 and N31

Tip: The official app of Wiener Linien, the Viennese transport system, helps you to reach your destination quickly.

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The venue is located right in the centre of Vienna, accessible via the Ringstrasse.

Options for parking:

  • on public “space” > parking tickets required
  • or in public garage f.e. Garage in Palais Hansen Kempinski,  Garage in Hilton Plaza Vienna, WiPark Garage at Freyung or in  BOE Garage am Concordia square

Since 1 March 2022, the nationwide short-term parking zone has been in force throughout Vienna. Parking is chargeable in every district of Vienna. You need a parking ticket (1.10 euros per half hour) to park your vehicle in public parking spaces.

Short time parking zone is valid:

  • from Monday to Friday (weekdays) from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Stay
    • With parking ticket or MOBILE PARKING: maximum 2 hours
    • Deviating regulations for employees and companies (parking chip), exception to the maximum permitted parking time possible

      Parking time 15 minutes (purple parking ticket):
      30 minutes (red): 1,10 Euro
      60 minutes (blue): 2,20 Euro
      90 minutes (green): 3,30 Euro
      120 minutes (yellow): 4,40 Euro

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About Vienna

The city of Vienna is a popular meeting destination and attracts guests from all over the globe. It’s easy to understand why: You’re never too far from nature, it’s easy to get around, and the city shows a wide range of cultural, historical and architectural highlights. With its inspiring blend of tradition and contemporary creativity, Vienna offers the perfect background for a conference that explores the effects of new digital solutions on the basic human need safety. For further information about Austria and Vienna, please visit the official online travel guide for the city of Vienna: Welcome to Vienna