CIECA Congress 2023

Increasing forms of electric vehicles and micro mobility coupled with the growing penetration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) present new challenges for testing authorities who need to adapt to these fast paced advancements.  While there is flexibility and options to vary how theory classes are taught, with novice drivers exploiting tools such as self-study; risk competence or self-reflection are more sensibly taught by a driving instructor or in a group session. 

Furthermore, with rapid changes in the traffic environment and continual advancement in vehicle technology, we are presented with the additional challenge that training, testing and continuing education must also continue to evolve.  As testing organisations, we must rise to this challenge and take time to reflect how our tests need to be adapted to ensure they are relevant and fit for purpose in the modern era.

The CIECA Congress 2023 will be a forum to find answers to the challenges ahead, and to discuss the future of road safety.

The KFV (Austrian Road Safety Board) has been the leading contact for accident prevention in Austria for over 60 years.
As a politically independent and scientifically based service institution serving the general public, KFV is a reliable partner for know-how and competence in matters of safety.

For decades, KFV has been committed to accident prevention on the road, in leisure time, in sports and in the home. The areas of crime and fire protection round off the KFV‘s range of work.

KFV‘s strategic goal is to create added value today for tomorrow.


Permanent Bureau Meeting/Registration

19:00 - 22:30

For CIECA members and accompanying partners
Tango & Foxtrott, Hotel Hilton Vienna Plaza, Schottenring 11, 1010 Vienna